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Minneapolis Engagement Session | Michael & Bailey

I absolutely cannot believe that I haven’t blogged this Minneapolis engagement session yet, because it is one of my all time faves. We are talking top 5 favorite engagement sessions! These images are sprinkled all over my website, social media graphics, and marketing materials! So, the question is why did I not get this done last fall? Well, because it was fall and fall for photographers is a bit busy!

My goal is to get all the engagement sessions blogged before each of the couple’s weddings and I will stick to that deadline no matter what…even if I end up blogging the engagement pictures on Tuesday (*cough, cough* today) and the wedding pictures on Wednesday (*cough, cough* tomorrow). It might be last minute, but it counts and I think we should call this the “archived e-shoots” series.

Archived E-Shoots pt. 1 | Michael & Bailey

Michael and Bailey had never met me before. Michael’s Mom was a long time internet friend of mine that I loved to order Origami Owl Jewelry from and when they got engaged, his Mom recommended me! How cool is that for networking? I am honored that they were willing to take a chance on me and book me without getting to meet me in person! I was in Iowa, the wedding would be in Colorado, they currently live in Las Vegas, and to add even more dimension to it, they flew in to Minnesota for us to shoot their engagement session!

When we met up with them at the Mall of America, it was the first time we had met, but we felt like old friends from the beginning! We spent a few hours wandering around the city taking their photos and then we spend a few more hours sitting down to a delicious meal together at Melting Pot. They flew back home the next day, but we had an absolute blast.

So, why was this session an all time favorite? Because I was back in a big city with all new backdrops and had endless time to play around with all the different options. I cannot choose a favorite portion of the session; I’m stuck between the olde town cobblestone streets and the bright, colorful “I like you” wall.

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