Before everything I am a Mom. Most days you can find me out walking my miles with my goldendoodle, or sprawled on the floor playing Legos with my son. I am a free spirit, an impossibly big dreamer, and a recovering work-aholic. I fill my days with pink drinks, popcorn, fuzzy blankets and my planner - these are the little things that bring me immense joy! 

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. My mission is to provide you with a fun and stress-free experience, from the first hello to the final delivery. It is my strongest goal to capture authentic moments that you can relive for the rest of your life. Oh, and you can count on me to be on the dance floor with my camera in hand!

I'M JESSICA, your wedding day bff.
northwest iowa photographer & videographer.

oh hey!


my close friends call me Breezy, from my last name Brees

my playlist can go from Taylor Swift to Disturbed in one click - I'm eclectic

i could live for at least a week on kettle popcorn and Pink Drinks, no question

i'm solar powered and thrive on sunny days. i also want to live on the beach one day

My photography teacher in high school told me I "didn't have the eye" for it

I was born in a small town, raised in a huge city, and have now moved back to small town life

hitting the dance floor

every. single. time.


lake como, italy
venice, italy
st. martin
denver, co
boulder, colorado
des moines, ia
canton, sd
pheonix, az
dallas, tx
chicago, il
minneapolis, mn
charlotte, nc

passion planner

iced drinks

gotta be on the rocks

caramel macchiato
Pink Drink
arnold palmer

Spartan races

even if I am pretty terrible at day I'll climb that rope

give me all the pens, stickers, and highlighters. let's fill this baby up with fun dates for chips & queso!

my boys: Tucker, roczen & jaxon

and my goldendoodle

all things apple

and Canon, of course

weekends at the lake

nothing beats time sitting on the lake shore or the wave runner

just a few of my faves

a few of my faves

a little more



iced drink

Starbucks Pink Drink

Camera lens

Canon 85mm f/1.2


2w3 - the host

nail color

Blush Pink


Filet Mignon & baked potato



happy place

Anywhere with sun and waves


Dahlias & Zinnias


Grace, Not Perfection


Country & Pop


Legally Blonde & I Feel Pretty

movie snack

Popcorn & Reeses Pieces

place to shoot

Capital Building, Des Moines


Home Goods & Versona


Passion Planner with Powersheets Stickers

Driven women can do absolutely anything. But we also lead ourselves to burn out by trying to do everything AND trying to do it by ourselves. I truly believe it takes a village to live our best lives, and I would love to be part of your tribe!

A coach is right for you if you're ready to get laser-focused, grow as a mom-preneuer and reach goals you've only dreamed of so far!

Money mindset to drive your goals

Goal setting and accountability/tracking

Branding and consistency to make your marketing efforts most effective

Maximizing efficiency during work time

Organization & time management

I've been the full time hustler and the mama working in the pockets of time. I've discovered a few key things and can help you learn:

My business (and life) is fueled by hard work, laughter and a little sparkle .

It's not just heart-shaped confetti and creativity that excites me.

Cue the confetti because we are about to make some magic happen!