Venice Italy Destination Engagement Photography

venice, italy | kyle & alison I cannot believe it’s taken me two months to get these incredible Italy engagement session images up on the blog! Weddings take priority, as I stick to a strict post-wedding-day schedule to get blog posts out. But engagement sessions are just as important and I am realizing that I […]

  1. Flavia Lemos says:


    You are available to do wedding photos and video? Which cameras do you use for photos and video? And how much you do? Is just me and the groom. The wedding is 23/10/2019 in Venice.

    Best Regards

    Flavia Lemos

    • jbrees says:

      Hi Flavia! I am available this month still. If you’re still interested in looking, I emailed you directly. I hope that came through!
      I currently shoot with two Canon 5D Mark IV bodies and 5 prime lenses. I use that for both photos and video!
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      💕 Jessica

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