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I'm Jessica: wife, mom, photographer, educator

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. I have a degree in education and want to bring that into the creative industry by teaching other bosses how to make their dreams come true! When I'm not working, my days are filled with long walks down every aisle of Target while sipping my Pink Drink and listening to my newest playlist. It's the small things!

May 31, 2019

Old Town Road, Summer Mantra, and New Luggage



Welcome back, Friday. You’re my favorite and I love you so much. Thank you for also bringing warm temperatures with you, we’ve missed them! I just put on a pair of shorts for the first time this year…I am torn emotionally. One half of me is ecstatic that it’s that warm and the other part of me is not impressed with the pale skin I’ve developed in the long winter!

Old Town Road

This week’s song is one with a dramatic history I’ve learned. I first heard it on a party bus during Andrew and Chebrai’s wedding and have been obsessively listening to it since. So here’s the short version of the drama: Old Town Road by Lil Nas X was actually disqualified from Billboard charts because it “wasn’t country enough for the country category.” So, this blew my mind to be honest 🤯. My taste in music is chaotically eclectic…meaning my playlist transitions from Taylor Swift to Disturbed without a beat. This has baffled friends, past students and local DJs alike, but I am who I am. Old Town Road hit the spot with me because it was such a great mix of genres, mixing banjos and trap beats while discussing horses and Gucci. It just my type of song!

Now, the discussion behind the song moves into some very big topics that are trending in our country. I won’t go in to them here, but if you’re interested just Google it and you’ll see what I mean. After some backlash to Billboard, good old Billy Ray Cyrus jumped on the remix and in my humble opinion the song is now irresistible. Its my current pick up song for in the car as well as a “repeater” during my morning workouts.

Here’s the video for you to check it out. *PRO TIP* the actual song starts at 1:33 in the video. Tell me in the comments if you’re team “OTR” or if it’s not quite your cup of tea!

Vacay Vibes

My brain is officially in summer mode and with that comes all thoughts of vacation and traveling! We were supposed to be doing a ten day trip through Europe this year, but life had other plans. Instead we have all of these trips planned:

  • an anniversary trip to North Caroline for the Creative @ Heart Conference
  • I am taking Jaxon with me for a photo session I am shooting with a sweet family in Chicago
  • I am hoping to visit Colorado again
  • two weekends at the lake
  • our end of summer trip over to the Mississippi river

I saw this quote the other day that summed up how I want to live this summer. I don’t know where it came from or who originally said it, but I made my own wallpaper out of it and you’re more than welcome to save the image and use it on your phone as well! Basically I want to live every day this summer with Jason and Jaxon soaking up sunshine, growing things in our garden, playing in our sandbox or the lake or the pool, riding bikes, traveling, and just loving every minute together!


Jessica Brees Dear Friday quote about summer

Summer Luggage

Along with the summer playlist, a mantra for summer living, and a long list of trips, comes my urge to buy our summer luggage! A suitcase has been on my list for-ev-er, so I am glad to say I finally ordered one after a lot of research and overanalyzing. I also ordered more of a weekender duffle bag because every summer I get a bag that will be used and abused all summer long. These bags go on trips with us of course, but also go to the pool and waterpark, the zoo, day trips to Sioux City and Okoboji, and also goes overnight with Jaxon whenever he is with Grandma.

I can’t review the luggage yet, but as soon as I receive them and use them I will update with a fully opinionated post!

Samsonite Hard-Shell Rolling Carry-On

Away For the Weekender – Stepping Stones

For next week’s Dear Friday I want to collect summer bucket list ideas, for ladies with kiddos and without. If you have any big items on your summer list, leave them in the comments so I can compile lots of ideas together!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend and lots of sunny weather next week! ☀️

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