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I'm Jessica, a Mom-preneur working full time as a wedding planner and documenter. Mama to a rambunctious, too-smart-for-his-own-good, little boy. Wifey to an amazing husband who puts up with wild ideas and spontaneous road trips. Procrastinator in life, action-taker in business. Lady boss seeking to find balance in this crazy, beautiful life and get her hands on another pink drink or iced coffee!

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Start with the values behind your brand before you even design a logo If you missed Part One, The Right Way to Design a Brand, of the Branding Blueprint series,  check it out here. Often times branding is considered a color palette and logo– and it is, but it’s also so much more. Building a […]

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Building Your Brand On A Strong Foundation

  Defining what a brand actually is and the right way to design it from the start Are you ready to design a brand the right way, from the very beginning? When it comes to branding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you’ve seen from companies you love and everything that you THINK you […]

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The Right Way to Design a Brand: It’s More Than Just a Logo

Y’all…in the beginning, I knew nothing about running a business! I went to college to be a Spanish teacher and I taught in the classroom for eight years, picking up a camera and shooting a few sessions on the side to pay off my student loans. After  six years and going full time, things were […]

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Five Changes to Make in your Business to Double your Income

I always dreamed of shooting weddings full time! But I never actually thought I could get to this point! My calendar is packed with 25 to 30 weddings a year! This is the definition of #blessed! With the growing amount of committed Saturday events, I am opening applications for hiring a permanent wedding day assistant! […]

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JBP is hiring a wedding assistant!

How to Get New Clients from From the Inquiry to the Contract This post is written to directly help creatives in the wedding industry during the time of year when most brides are booking vendors, but it will help entrepreneurs in any field because the principles of booking new clients is the same. That being […]

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From Inquiry to Onboarding: How to Get Clients To the Booking Process

Today on the blog, I’m sharing something a little different.  It’s my Client Booking Gift!  I recently sent out several of these to new Brides + Grooms that chose to book me as their photographer, and I’ve also gotten questions from other photographers about what I included, and where I got everything – so here […]

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Revealing The Vibrant #breezybride Gift Box

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of two-types of on social media: 1) Customers posting “in search of photographer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” in the buy-sell-trade boards 2) Photographers addressing posts like the one described above So, at the risk of sounding like a basic, internet rant, I want to flip the […]

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Why Photographers Cost More Then You Expect

Making the switch from “working mom” to “working-at-home mom” was a huge challenge for me. It was equal parts liberating and frustrating. I suddenly found all this “free time,” and didn’t have a clue how to structure my days for maximum productivity. I found myself juggling a toddler and a business, doing all the things […]

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Things to Avoid as a Work at Home Mom

Here’s a random topic for you in the middle of “off season!”

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5 Things I Always Carry In My Camera Bag

It’s no secret that I am gearing up for 2018 and that there are SO many things I am looking forward to! If you missed the last Friday 5 post, check it out here for more details! But while I am incredibly ready for 2018 to begin, I am also enjoying the process of reflecting […]

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2017 Behind The Scenes