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I'm Jessica: wife, mom, photographer, educator

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. I have a degree in education and want to bring that into the creative industry by teaching other bosses how to make their dreams come true! When I'm not working, my days are filled with long walks down every aisle of Target while sipping my Pink Drink and listening to my newest playlist. It's the small things!

December 28, 2017

2017 Behind The Scenes



It’s no secret that I am gearing up for 2018 and that there are SO many things I am looking forward to! If you missed the last Friday 5 post, check it out here for more details!

But while I am incredibly ready for 2018 to begin, I am also enjoying the process of reflecting on 2017, because let me be blunt, it was INCREDIBLE!! My client base more than tripled, I shot 110 portrait sessions and was part of 16 weddings! I completed my first full online photography course, grew my skills and my gear collection, as well as attended my first ever photography conference this past November! The United conference was a huge highlight for me this year!

There are a lot of things that friends, fans, and family don’t always see, because it’s the “behind the scenes” part of my work. I don’t always have my own photographer with me to catch my silly moments and therefore most of them go unseen. But to finish out my 2017 year, I did want to share some of the priceless captures that Jason and I caught this year!

I love when Jason catches images of me working! These pictures remind me I need to work on my posture, touch up my roots a bit more often, and not “mean mug” so frequently!

Sometimes he catches me shooting details, which is my #2 favorite part of a wedding day! (#1 of course is the first dance!!)

(Photo credit: Stephanie of Steph Steinmark Photography)

Sometimes he catches the not-so-obvious parts of my job…

(This may be my favorite “working” photo of ALL time!! Photo Credit: Stephanie of Steph Steinmark Photography)

But his most favorite shot is when I finally let loose and dance at the receptions…

Sometimes I strike the most flattering poses, when the mood strikes…

(Photo Credit: Terri of Terri Demarest Photography)

(Photo Credit: Stephanie of Steph Steinmark Photography)

Likewise, I love using Jason as a model too! Every time I set up lighting at the reception, I need to test the brightness and shadows, so I put him in the middle of the dance floor, and get some interesting poses…

Sometimes wedding days get a bit long for Jason, since he still works full time as an HVAC tech…

Sometimes the brides just don’t know what to do with him… (don’t worry, this is actually Jason’s cousins’ new bride and they were just joking around!)

And sometimes, on my luckiest of wedding days, Jason decides to get out on the dance floor with me!

I wanted to finish my 2017 recap post with my favorite blooper photo of the entire year…because sometimes I accidentally take a self portrait while my camera is holstered on my hip…

I hope you enjoyed a small peek into the life a wedding photographer! I wanted to thank all of my clients and #breezybrides for such a wonderful year getting my business off the ground in Iowa! I truly cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for all of us!

  1. Gramps Nelson says:

    Jess, these candid photos are neat!

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