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Every busy, juggling mama can build a manageable & profitable business

I capture weddings all over the world, but my heart and home are near Des Moines, Iowa. Wedding photography is still my main love, but I'm running my business "on the side" and can help you grow yours while juggling everything else, too!


Jessica Brees Photography | Anniversary in North Carolina

Our Anniversary Road Trip and Digital Detox

Oh hey Friday! You snuck up on me there. Recovering after our week long road trip to North Carolina and back has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. This week officially beat me. I have been very MIA from the online world the past few weeks. I am not sure why, but I had […]

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Unbreakable, Rachel Hollis, and New Pens

For so long I’ve been wanting to create a fun blog series that wasn’t really related to weddings or business directly, but more so just the personal side of me. So, after thinking and overthinking, and then overanalyzing my overthinking I realized that I should just go for it. This is my “corner of the […]

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pregnancy, miscarriage, loss, infertility

What Feels Like The Final Day

I’ve been holding my breath. For months I’ve been dreading this day: February 11. It should have been a day of celebration that I looked forward to with excitement, but instead I haven’t wanted to acknowledge its existence at all. Last June, Jason and I got the shock of our lives: a natural, positive pregnancy […]

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Confessions of a Non-morning Person

For years I have seen posts on Pinterest about the benefits of a quality morning routine and I dream of a day when I will wake up, enjoy meditation, a glass of hot water with lemon, and some thoughtful journaling. But, that’s just not me. I am a sleep-loving morning person. That means I naturally […]

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Finding Your Why

When someone is successful with a physical transformation, or more importantly, committing to a healthy lifestyle, one question he/she gets a lot is “How did you do it?” I was thinking about this, and I’m wondering if what they really mean is “Why did you do it?” The how can be kind of obvious: she […]

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Things to Avoid as a Work at Home Mom

Making the switch from “working mom” to “working-at-home mom” was a huge challenge for me. It was equal parts liberating and frustrating. I suddenly found all this “free time,” and didn’t have a clue how to structure my days for maximum productivity. I found myself juggling a toddler and a business, doing all the things […]

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How Not To Prepare For A Home Study

If you are not yet familiar with the lingo related to adoption, a home study is “an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for adopting a child.” Right now, I am wishing I would have looked up this definition before our actual meeting with the social worker, because I did […]

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I have the heart of a teacher, the eye of a photographer, and the foggy mind of a Mom! Whether I'm capturing love stories for 'Breezy Brides' and they're sweethearts, coaching other business owners to reach their "side hustle" goals, or just simply sharing the everyday chaos of life with three boys, I want my presence to better the lives of others! I hope we can become new best friends, and cannot wait to get started together!

I'm so glad you've found my online home! If you're new here, you need to know a few things:
1. Family is my main priority! I have a blended family with 3 boys ages 8, 8 and 9!

2. I teach high school full time, run my business {full time}, commute 2.5 hours a day and juggle everything else in between!

3. I'm an Enneagram 2w3. Everything I do is fueled by a strong passion for helping others so that together, we all have room at the table!

I'm so glad you're here!