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I'm Jessica: wife, mom, photographer, educator

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. I have a degree in education and want to bring that into the creative industry by teaching other bosses how to make their dreams come true! When I'm not working, my days are filled with long walks down every aisle of Target while sipping my Pink Drink and listening to my newest playlist. It's the small things!

September 26, 2018

Sioux City Wedding Photographer | Garth + Hanna



A Fun-Loving Couple Getting Married at Country Celebrations in Sioux City, Iowa

Hanna’s Mom took her time fastening all of the buttons on the back of her gown. She made sure to pay special attention to each one, making sure she didn’t miss any and that she did it right for her daughter. In my mind, her Mom was savoring the moment with her daughter. The day had been busy already: setting up centerpieces, coordinating when the desserts and caterer would arrive, finding lost items that the girls needed, making sure the photographer was actually doing her job. Just kidding, obviously. But I could tell that Hanna’s Mom was loving the small moment that she had together with her daughter. And just when I thought the moment couldn’t get any more perfect, Hanna turned around to hug her Mom and her Mom broke into the sweetest tears I’ve literally ever seen. I love this Mama so much! Hanna had done everything: put in the new sparkling hairpiece she’d chosen, fastened the pearl bracelet she borrowed from her step-grandmother, and zipped up the front of her fun wedge shoes. Then her Mom got sight of her all put together, and realized this was what they’d been waiting for so long. The last thing Hanna needed was the handkerchief with her great-grandmother’s name on it (her something blue) and she was completely ready for the day!

I just had so much fun witnessing the love between all of Garth and Hanna’s friends and family. They laughed every chance they could get, they were able to express their love for each other in the most endearing words, vows, and letters, and there were more hugs than even I could count. As if the day wasn’t perfect enough, I got to work with the most adorable ring bearer (no joke, wait until you see all his photos here in a minute) and of course the most talented hand model you’re ever going to meet (Gath just nailed it with his hand poses). The day flowed smoothly and I had no shortage of things to snap photos of. I was very exhausted and fulfilled by the end of the day!

There was one other moment that stands out in my mind as particularly memorable and that is when Hanna snuck a small peek of Garth as I was shooting him getting ready. She popped her head of the her dressing room door and saw him, and I swear I heard this little squeal before she said to me “Isn’t he the most beautiful man ever??” Her voice was filled with absolute adoration! She joked all day, laughing and running around and being silly, but when it comes down to her speaking about Garth, she couldn’t be more sincere in her expressions of love. Even in her wedding day questionnaire she said, “I could have gotten married on a dirt road in a potato sack and it would have been the best day of my life. I don’t care for the glitz and glam and the thousand of dollars spent because at the end of the day my only concern was being with Garth. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Goodness, girl, I hope you speak to him with that much love and appreciation for the rest of your life, because that is one lucky man to have someone refer to him with such praise!

Now Garth on the other hand…he is hilarious! His facial expressions and goofiness had me laughing so hard all day some of my photos are blurry from the camera moving while I giggled! At one point of the day he actually squeezed his eyes shut trying to push out a tear for Hanna, after reading the letter she wrote him. But there were no tears, and that’s okay, everyone has their own unique version of emotion and romance. But here’s my prediction: once these two have babies, and most likely a couple girls, he’s going to be the most emotional Dad you’ve ever met!  I could totally see him in his 50s or 60s, watching his own baby girl get married and just balling all day long. Let’s write that down and see if I am ever right when I shoot their daughter’s wedding!!

Hanna and Garth, your day was so beautiful! It was simple in all the right ways, intimate and focused on the most important things in life! Thank you so much for choosing me to document this huge day in your story and I hope that you love these images!


PHOTOGRAPHY // Jessica Brees Photography

VENUE // Country Celebrations Event Center

BRIDAL GOWN // Sequins Bridal Boutique


TUXEDOS // Tip Top Tux

DJ // Miller Entertainment

HAIR & MAKEUP // Gloss Hair and Makeup Boutique

FLORIST // Blooming House

CAKE ARTIST // Storm Lake Bakery

If you are planning a 2019 wedding and still looking for your “photographer soul mate,” I’d love to chat! You can connect with me here.

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    The pictures are awesome you did a fantastic job

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