My Love Language Ruined My Kid

This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately, and I am a work-in-progress. So, this post will be more of a commentary on a thought I had, not so much a solution for it…yet. Here’s what I’ve had an internal struggle with: the idea of minimalism and having small children are […]

  1. Melissa Mae says:

    Ooohhh girl. I feel the exact same way except it isn’t me teaching my child this… it’s our extended family. People are constantly bringing him things and giving him toys and gifts. I am constantly sorting them and getting rid of things that he doesn’t need. It’s very difficult. I even tried to minimize this by talking about and posting on facebook that out child does not need any gifts or encouraged people to give gifts that encourage family time … like a day pass to the zoo, a week of swimming lessons, etc. And I swear he just got more stuff. My dear is in some ways the opposite… that he wool be angry with us bc we don’t get him all the gifts others in the family do.

    It’s hard as a mom when you habe this happening in your family because it takes away our chance to ever give him the awesome gift bc someone else always purchases it first!

    • jbrees says:

      Yes! We have that huge struggle too!!! Jaxon is constantly getting gifts and not just for holidays and it makes it really hard to teach him any different!! He has just come to expect it and it’s frustrating! We also tried to ask for presents like zoo or pool passes and some people get it and some don’t. They mostly say they love the excitement on his face when he opens a toy he loves…but then when everyone gets him a toy it just adds up to so much!

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