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I'm Jessica: wife, mom, photographer, educator

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. I have a degree in education and want to bring that into the creative industry by teaching other bosses how to make their dreams come true! When I'm not working, my days are filled with long walks down every aisle of Target while sipping my Pink Drink and listening to my newest playlist. It's the small things!



How To Make Your Fitness Lifestyle Stick

I started my fitness lifestyle four years ago – February is my “fit-aversary!” Before I even write an article from my perspective, let me humbly admit two things: when I started I knew NOTHING and I have not been consistent in the most recent year or two. My personal journey has been very up and […]

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On The Eve Of Our Home Study

It’s late. I am ready to zone out with some Law & Order SVU. But I have also been struck with a few writing ideas. Therefore, here I am typing away and trying to chug down the last few ounces of water for my goal today. We have our first home visit tomorrow for our […]

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