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Bright & Breezy


The Bright & Breezy preset pack was created to produce bright, clean, true-to-life color edits for your mobile images that matches my professional editing style. 

Your purchase includes:
• 12 custom made presets for use in the Lightroom mobile app
• Guide for installing preset files on your smart phone
• Video guide on editing in the app using presets + custom tweaks
• Lifetime support from me when you have questions or issues

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. Purchase is licensed for a single user and you agree not to share or duplicate.


12 of my hand-created mobile presets that I use on all my everyday photos as well as my social media content!

Created to match my professional editing style of bright and airy images with vibrant, natural colors.

Designed to work with the Lightroom Mobile app, which is 100% free & no subscription is needed.

Made with parents, bloggers, influencers, photographers, shop owners and artists in mind. Perfect for making social media content quickly and on the go.

this pack includes...

what they look like



designed for images that need a tiny bit of brightening & pop, but not much more

#1 - breezy

for images shot with backlighting that need shadow removal while maintaining highlight detail and a bit of bright pop

#2 - sun on my back

a classic black and white edit with a pop of bright exposure and contrast

#3 - basic B&W

for photos that need a bigger boost of bright pop and a natural color bump

#4 - bright pop

a huge boost of bright pop, shadow removal and lots of enhanced color

#5 - brighter pop

for shady images that need a boost of color and warmth, with shadows removed

#6 - shade

designed to give an even bigger boost of warmth, brightness and pop to mimic bright sun on the subject

#7 - shunshine

for images that need a warm up and extra contrast, on top of brightness and pop

#8 - the glow

meant for images with heavily diffused light that need a tiny brightness bump, shadow removal, a warm up and pop of color

#9 - overcast

for photos taken in warm indoor light that need a major cool down and brightness bump

#10 - artificial light

for images that will look great with a punch of vibrant color and extreme pop - all the fun

#11 - so extra

for images that are too warm and need that extra cool down without changing colors or pop

#12 - Cool breeze

What happens when i upgrade my phone?

These presets will always work with Lightroom Mobile no matter what device you're on. Just keep your preset files in a safe place (I use Google Drive!) and you'll be able to install them again on your new phone!

Will you teach me how to install and use?

I got you, friend! This purchase comes with a PDF and video tutorial that walks you step by step through how to use these presets. There is an additional video that will introduce you to editing with Lightroom Mobile.

What happens after I click buy?

Once you complete the purchase of the presets, you'll receive an email with a link to download the files. 

Can I use these on my computer too?

These presets are only for the mobile version of Lightroom, and cannot be used on desktop. 

What software do I need with these?

You will need the free version of the Lightroom mobile app!
No subscription is required, you just need to download it + create a free account!

What comes with my purchase?

This is a one time purchase that will include all 12 mobile presets + a PDF guide on installation and beginning editing. 

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