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Before everything I am a Mom. Most days you can find me out walking my miles with the dogs, or sprawled on the floor playing Legos and coloring with my son. I am a free spirit, an impossibly big dreamer, and a recovering work-aholic. I fill my days with pink drinks, popcorn, fuzzy blankets, my goldendoodle and my planner - these are the little things that bring me immense joy! 

I'm a creative girl boss, obsessed with wedding photography and videography. My mission is to provide you with a fun and stress-free experience, from the first hello to the final delivery. It is my strongest goal to capture authentic moments that you can relive for the rest of your life. Oh, and you can count on me to be on the dance floor with my camera in hand!

I'M JESSICA, your wedding day bff.
northwest iowa photographer & videographer.

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my close friends call me Breezy, from my last name Brees

my playlist can go from Taylor Swift to Disturbed in one click - I'm eclectic

i could live for at least a week on kettle popcorn and Pink Drinks, no question

i'm solar powered and thrive on sunny days. i also want to live on the beach one day

My photography teacher in high school told me I "didn't have the eye" for it

I was born in a small town, raised in a huge city, and have now moved back to small town life

hitting the dance floor

every. single. time.


lake como, italy
venice, italy
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denver, co
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canton, sd
pheonix, az
dallas, tx
chicago, il
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passion planner

iced drinks

gotta be on the rocks

caramel macchiato
Pink Drink
arnold palmer

Spartan races

even if I am pretty terrible at day I'll climb that rope

give me all the pens, stickers, and highlighters. let's fill this baby up with fun dates for chips & queso!

my son, Jaxon 

and our two dogs

all things apple

and Canon, of course

weekends at the lake

nothing beats time sitting on the lake shore or the wave runner

just a few of my faves





spartan races




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behind the scenes

I'm not just a photographer. I’ll be the one to fix your hair if its out place, help you put on your heels and wipe the sand off your feet, help your dad put on his boutonniere, teaching your bridal party how to do the Wobble, and don’t worry I’ll also be taking photos as well!

The little girl browsing through that wedding album was me. I treasured my parents' album, and have been impatiently waiting for my Mother to be ready to pass it down to me. Those images symbolize a beginning: one short day that started a huge lifetime together.

Has their marriage been perfect? Not by any measure. But through the years my parents have managed to grow together. They’ve enjoyed the high times and survived the low times, always side by side. They’ve learned to be friends and genuinely enjoy one another’s company, value and respect each other. In a generation where marriages first started crumbling and divorce became an easy answer, they continued to choose each other every day. 

As a girl growing up I never dreamed of my wedding. When Pinterest became popular, I was already married, so I never had boards full of hypothetical plans. That one day was never important to me. The marriage that came after the day was the real magic.

how an album led to an empire

She was sitting squished tightly between the couch and the coffee table. She slowly circled her finger around the golden rim of the frame cut into the leather cover. Time froze as she turned through pages she'd already seen countless times. She lost herself in the images of her parents wedding day.

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I am sure that it is no surprise to anyone reading this that I am a huge nerd. I was never cool, I was never on trend.

Free time in my middle school years was spent writing letters, taking photos and scrapbooking with my Mom. You read that right, scrapbooking. The coolest of cool-kid hobbies, right?

I fell in love with documenting life next to my Mom. We spent hours cutting paper and placing stickers just right. The most important part of the process was writing the words that matched the moments in the photos.

It was then that I realized images held incredible power. They froze moments in time that we would never get back in reality. They captured events in ways our mind can't hold them. And they all tell a story.

Scrapbooking with my Mom led me to search for photos and albums from my family history. I desperately wanted to know the stories of my Grandparents and their parents. I wanted to see their faces and their homes and of course their weddings! 


more than you know...

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from browsing the album to creating one

There I was, out of college with a degree in Education, not feeling whole in my work. I taught high school for eight years, but constantly felt the tug in the back of my heart. I was equipped with a love for documenting life from my Mom and a natural eye for photography from my Grandfather. I found an old Nikon DSLR camera in the back of a cabinet in my classroom and the rest is history.

Just kidding! I kept teaching for a few more years before retiring to pursue photography full time. I needed that time to sharpen my skill and figure out slowly how to run a profitable business, while having the security of a paycheck and insurance from school.

Eight years and one cross-country move later, I am living my dream! It finally clicked: I can create albums for people that their children may adore as much as I adored my parents' wedding album. I can capture moments for them that document their life just as it is in that moment. 

Yes, my first love is photographing weddings and watching the beginning of an incredible marriage. But I love the entire sentiment of documenting families, from the I Do to the babies, from the teenagers leaving the house to the empty nesters renewing their vows.

Life is magic. The huge milestones as well as the routine, every day moments, are all breathtaking. I learned that from my parents and our family history. I will never stop documenting my own life! I also hope to always love getting to work with clients who become friends to document their lives as well.

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